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Important Applications For Quantum Dots


Quantum Dots

Semiconductor nanocrystals, also known as quantum dots, have a wide range of applications for many industries. Two of the most important applications for them are ink and in the medical industry. The particles emit distinctly different colors when they are reduced in size, and can be incorporated in materials as a sort of barcode or tracking device. A project is currently underway that uses quantum dots in inks or polymers used to manufacture paper money. This way, law enforcement officials would be able to combat counterfeiting.

Medical Application

A more life-changing implementation could be on the horizon, however. Carnegie Mellon University researchers collaborated with Quantum Dot Corporation and announced in 2004 their findings regarding animal testing. They found that animals injected with quantum dots continued to emit distinctive colors for eight months. The nanocrystals stopped circulating and were picked up by immune cells. Researchers are optimistic that quantum dots could be used one day to treat and monitor diseases, including cancer. At Creative Peg Works, the customized surface modification of quantum dots is but one of the services we provide. To learn about this, and other custom syntheses we provide, click our name to visit our website.