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Custom Synthesis of PEGs

Your reliable source for custom synthesis and PEGylation technical services since 2007.

Creative PEGWorks’ trusted custom synthesis

Custom Synthesis Service

Optimize your projects with Creative PEGWorks’ trusted custom synthesis service. Our commitment to excellence ensures cost-effective custom synthesis and technical services delivered with a rapid turnaround time, all while maintaining the highest quality standards.

With Creative PEGWorks, you can trust our knowledge, skills, and integrity. Our team’s expertise guarantees that the final products undergo thorough quality assurance analysis and meticulous characterization. If the end product does not result in meeting your criteria, we will not ship the order. This ensures you will always receive a stable, reliable, high-purity product.

Experience the outstanding benefits of our PEGylation services, available under the world’s leading PEG supplier. From custom synthesis to comprehensive PEGylation solutions, we are here to meet your unique project, research, or development requirements and exceed your expectations.

Trust Creative PEGWorks for reliable, efficient, and top-quality custom synthesis services that propel your projects forward.

Our Custom Synthesis Service

Experience our custom PEG synthesis services that draw upon decades of expertise in biochemical research, development, and manufacturing of innovative PEG and monodisperse PEG derivatives, PEG copolymers, and PEGylated conjugates.

Our dedicated biotechnology experts are readily available to guide you in selecting the high-quality PEGs tailored to your project. Leveraging the expertise of our R&D group, we swiftly develop and synthesize custom PEG, monodisperse PEG, or PEG copolymer products, ensuring the highest quality within the shortest possible time frame.

We also guarantee the highest quality PEG products and custom synthesis results possible. If the end result does not meet your expectations, we do not ship the product. This ensures that you receive only the best possible service. That’s one of many reasons why we’ve been known as the world’s most trusted PEG supplier since 2007.

Custom Synthesis of Functional Polymers

Creative PEGWorks custom designs and synthesizes functional polymer derivatives including polysaccharide, polyamino acid, polyethylene glycol, polyester, and glycosylated and PEGylated biodegradable polymers.

Here at Creative PEGWorks, we design and synthesize novel organic molecules, API intermediates, stereoisomers, specialty amino acid derivatives, and oligomers.

Our PEG specialists are experts in the custom synthesis of monodispersed PEG derivatives with a variety of functional groups used in PEGylation chemistry. We provide a special class of PEG reagents: amphiphilic (surfactant-like) short PEG.

Our team provides labeling services with commercially available fluorescent dyes (visible and NIR), biotin, and other optical and biological probes for small molecules, polymers (peptide, biologics, polysaccharide, PEG, and block copolymers), nanoparticles, microspheres, and self-assemblies.

Creative PEGWorks can provide customized surface modification of nanoparticles, microspheres, microchips, thin films and membranes, self-assembled monolayers, quantum dots, metal-organic framework, colloidal gold, silver nanowires, nanostructures, carbon nanotubes, graphenes, hydrogels, liposomes, and micelles with polymer surface coating or reactive functional groups.

What Sets Creative PEGWorks Custom Synthesis Apart from Competitors?

At Creative PEGWorks, our PEGylation and custom synthesis services stand out for their unparalleled quality and commitment to excellence. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to maintaining high purity and conducting rigorous quality analysis throughout the entire process.

We employ advanced analytical techniques to thoroughly evaluate the PEGylation process and the resulting products. This includes comprehensive characterization and purity assessment, allowing us to provide you with accurate and reliable data regarding the composition, structure, and performance of your PEGylated compounds.

Custom Synthesis by Industry

Custom synthesis finds applications in various industries, including:


Custom synthesis is utilized in the pharmaceutical industry for the development of novel drug compounds, intermediates, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), enabling the creation of unique molecules with specific properties, optimizing therapeutic efficacy, and improving drug delivery.


The agrochemical industry relies on custom synthesis to produce specialized chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Custom synthesis enables the development of compounds that effectively protect crops, enhance agricultural productivity, and support sustainable farming practices.

Fine Chemicals

Custom synthesis plays a vital role in the production of fine chemicals used in various applications, including flavors and fragrances, dyes, pigments, and specialty polymers.

Material Science

Custom synthesis is employed in material science to produce specialty chemicals and materials with advanced properties. This includes polymers, catalysts, coatings, and additives used in sectors such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, and construction.

Personal Care and Cosmetics

The personal care and cosmetics industry utilizes custom synthesis to develop unique ingredients and formulations for skincare, haircare, and beauty products.


The energy and renewable energy sectors benefit from custom synthesis for the synthesis of specialty chemicals and materials used in energy storage, solar cells, fuel cells, and catalysts for energy production and conversion.

Environmental and Water Treatment

Custom synthesis enables the development of specialty chemicals used in wastewater treatment, soil remediation, air purification, and pollution control.

Research and Development

Custom synthesis enables the synthesis of reference compounds, research chemicals, and building blocks required for academic research, drug discovery, and material exploration.

Custom Synthesis FAQs

What is custom synthesis?

Custom synthesis refers to the process of synthesizing unique compounds or molecules based on specific requirements or specifications provided by a customer. It involves the design, development, and production of chemicals, intermediates, or materials that are not readily available in the market.

Custom synthesis plays a crucial role in various industries as it allows for the creation of tailor-made compounds that meet specific needs. It enables the development of new drugs, specialty chemicals, materials, and advanced materials that drive innovation and address unique industry challenges.

The custom synthesis process typically involves initial discussions and consultations with a customer to understand their requirements. A synthesis plan is then formulated, outlining the necessary steps, reaction conditions, and timeline for the project. The synthesis is carried out in the laboratory or production facility, followed by purification, characterization, and delivery of the final product to the customer.

Custom synthesis offers several advantages, including:

  • Access to unique or rare compounds.
  • Tailoring properties to meet specific product/project needs.
  • Optimization of compound characteristics, such as purity, yield, and stability.
  • Confidentiality and protection of intellectual property.
  • Faster and more cost-effective access to desired molecules compared to in-house synthesis.

By partnering with a reputable custom synthesis provider like Creative PEGWorks, you can access specialized expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and a streamlined process for obtaining unique compounds tailored to your specific needs. Custom synthesis services save time, resources, and effort required for in-house synthesis, enabling you to focus on your core business objectives and bring products to market more efficiently.

Choose Creative PEGWorks as Your Partner in Custom Synthesis Solutions

When it comes to custom synthesis solutions, Creative PEGWorks is your trusted partner. With our expertise, advanced capabilities, and commitment to excellence, we deliver tailored compounds and materials that meet your unique project requirements.

Our dedicated team of experts will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and design a customized synthesis plan. With state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on quality, we ensure the efficient and precise production of your desired compounds. From pharmaceuticals to specialty chemicals, our diverse industry experience enables us to tackle a wide range of projects.

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