About Creative PEGWorks

Creative PEGWorks has been the leading PEG reagents manufacturer and supplier in the US and world since 2007. 

Creative PEGWorks is a biotechnology company located in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina with a core business to innovate, manufacture and supply advanced functional polymer products. We manufacture polyethylene glycol, polysaccharide, and polyamino acid derivatives and reagents for research at universities, federal laboratories, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We also offer PEGylated, glycosylated, lipidated and dye-labeled biodegradable polymers and their activated derivatives that are reactive toward biologics, nanoparticles, surfaces, microspheres, self-assemblies, and small molecules. We specialize in PEGylation, polymer modification, particle surface functionalization, and custom synthesis of reactive oligomers and polymers with a broad range of molecular weights. Creative PEGWorks is ready to help keep your projects on track with our high quality products and technical services.

Creative PEGWorks®, PEGWorks®, Creative PEG® are registered trademarks or service marks worldwide.

The high quality of our products is manifested by thousands of peer-reviewed scientific publications, journal articles. See the publications here.

Our main product lines include activated PEGs, reactive PEG derivatives and PEGylation reagents. We manufacture a unique variety of functional synthetic polymers and biopolymers also including polysaccharides, hyaluronic acid, PEGylated copolymers (block and graft) and biodegradable polymers. Our polymer products offer the most diverse collection of reactivity, ready-to-use functional groups, and a large range of molecular weight options (from hundreds to millions) that you will not find anywhere else. Creative PEGWorks provides a range of supports and services including custom synthesis, PEGylation, nanoparticle drug delivery, contract R&D. PEGWorks has production capability at multi-kilogram batches . We also provide consulting services for drug delivery and formulation, protein modification, and nanoparticle surface modification as well as their applications in pharma and biotech technologies and products.

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