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Regulatory updates on PEGylated drugs and biopolymer medical devices.

Bifunctional Multi-Arm PEG Products

Our Multi-Arm PEG Products 4-Arm PEG-X/Y Bifunctional 4-Arm PEG reagents have two functional groups X/Y with 1:3 ratio or 2:2 ratio. We started offering this series of special reagents as customs synthesis with the following combinations. We are also listing some of these reagents as regular catalog products that are ready to ship overnight. We […]

Is Your Maleimide Thiol Chemistry Stable?

The typical PEG-maleimide-thiol reaction results in thiosuccinimide formation which is reversible, with PEG-maleimide elimination occurring slowly under biologically relevant conditions. The reversed reaction leads to the breakage of the maleimide-thiol linkage and the loss of PEG from the thiol/cysteine-containing molecules. If the maleimide-thiol chemistry does not work for your application, you may consider alternatives with […]

The Case for Protein PEGylation

A recent review article discussed in details the current status and future prospect of protein pegylation. FDA approved pegylated drugs 2018 source:  

Biodegradable PEG Dendrimers

Creative PEGWorks is now offering a series of PEG Dendrimers with biodegradable building blocks. Dendrimers are functionalized with amine, acid, azide etc.