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Regulatory updates on PEGylated drugs and biopolymer medical devices.

Model system for the transcyclization reaction.

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Improving the Stability of Maleimide–Thiol Conjugation for Drug Targeting

Abstract Maleimides are essential compounds for drug conjugation reactions via thiols to antibodies, peptides and other targeting units. However, one main drawback is the occurrence of thiol exchange reactions with, for example, glutathione resulting in loss of the targeting ability. A new strategy to overcome such retro-Michael exchange processes of maleimide–thiol conjugates by stabilization of […]

Graphic of a DNA strand for the article about PROTAC for cancer treatment.

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The Power of PROTAC for Cancer Treatment

PROTACs have the potential to transform the landscape of cancer therapy by targeting specific proteins for degradation. Learn about what they are and why they’re so powerful.

Picture of a person looking through a microscope at reaction involving PEG aldehyde.

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What Is PEG Aldehyde?

Explore the world of PEG aldehyde, delving into its properties, various applications, and the safety considerations surrounding its use.

Graphic of a close-up representation of phospholipids.

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What Are Phospholipids?

Phospholipids are an essential class of molecules that play a pivotal role in the structure and function of biological membranes. Learn about these molecules and how they function.