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How PEGylation can help Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD)

PEGylation can help Growth Hormone DeficiencyPegylation

Pegylation has achieved reasonable success on the market thus far: approximately one dozen PEGylated pharmaceuticals are currently on the market with FDA approval. One of those has been instrumental in fighting the deleterious effects of Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Peg acrylate

More commonly recognized as a banned substance in professional sports, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has proven to be an effective, valuable treatment for growth hormone deficiency. Growth hormone deficiency can occur in adults as well as children, effecting blood sugar, and slowing sexual maturity at younger ages. The disorder can have debilitating effects on adults: increased body fat, decreased muscle/bone mass, lower energy levels and poor sleep. So while most casual observers believe HGH is simply this horrific drug that athletes use to get ahead, it actually has some very real practical implications in medicine. The scientists at Creative PEG works are hard at work to help make the distribution of HGH more readily available.