PEGylation Knowledge Center

Our PEGylation knowledge center includes PEGylation literature, chemistry protocols, PEG reagent selection guide, landmark PEG and PEGylation books and review articles, and frequently asked questions.

PEGylation Literature

Reactive PEG reagents are used to derivatize, functionalize, conjugate or crosslink a variety of substrate molecules, particles and surfaces. Listed below are selected literature examples of successful PEGylation using Creative PEGWorks’ PEG products.

PEGylation Chemistry

PEGylation is a chemical process to covalently attach PEG polymers to a substrate including molecules, macromolecules, particles, surfaces etc. Based on reactive sites in the substrate entities, PEGylation requires different functionalities on PEG reagents.


PEGylation books, book chapters, review articles, protocols, and reagent selection guide.


Answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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