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Model system for the transcyclization reaction.

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Improving the Stability of Maleimide–Thiol Conjugation for Drug Targeting

Abstract Maleimides are essential compounds for drug conjugation reactions via thiols to antibodies, peptides and other targeting units. However, one main drawback is the occurrence of thiol exchange reactions with, for example, glutathione resulting in loss of the targeting ability. A new strategy to overcome such retro-Michael exchange processes of maleimide–thiol conjugates by stabilization of […]

PEGylation Protocols and Literature References

Creative PEGWorks has collected hundreds of papers published in peer-reviewed journals citing the use of PEG derivatives for PEGylation of proteins, enzymes, antibodies, peptides, biologic, nucleic acids, nanoparticles, chips, surfaces, dendrimers, hydrogels, liposomes and micelles. These papers describe detailed procedures and chemistry reaction conditions as well as experiment characterization data for the use of PEGylation […]

Surfactant-like PEG Derivatives for Drug Delivery

Creative PEGWorks developed a series of amphiphilic, surfactant-like PEG derivatives and they are now available for purchase online. PEG surfactants and pegylated lipids can be used for drug delivery and formulation, to enhance drug solubility, improve bioavailability and pharmacokinetics, enable targeting cell receptors, and amplify imaging signals. PEGs in Drug Delivery & Formulation Successful examples […]

Fluorescent or Radioactive PEG-like Nanoprobes

Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School developed the novel, “PEG-like Nanoprobes,’’ with controllable pharmacokinetics and tunable fluorescence. The “PEG-like Nanoprobes’’ nanoparticles feature a unique design where a single PEG polymer surrounds a short fluorochrome and radiometal bearing peptide, and endows the resulting nanoprobe with pharmacokinetic control (based on the molecular weight […]