We provide cost-effective custom synthesis and technical service with fast turnaround time and high quality. Final products and intermediates are adequately purified and characterized. Our knowledge, skill and ability will keep your projects on track and provide enhanced value proposition. The PEG related customer synthesis service, PEGylation service are offered to clients under the brand name of Creative PEG.
Custom synthesis of functional polymers
We can custom design and synthesize functional polymer derivatives including polysaccharide, polyamino acid, polyethylene glycol, polyester, and glycosylated and PEGylated biodegradable polymers.
Custom synthesis of small molecules
We can design and synthesize novel organic molecules, API intermediates, stereoisomers, specialty amino acid derivatives, and oligomers. We specialize in synthesis of monodispersed PEG derivatives with a variety of functional groups used in PEGylation chemistry. We provide a special class of PEG reagents: amphiphilic (surfactant-like) short PEG.
Creative PEG - Labeling service
We can provide labeling service with commercially available fluorescent dyes (visible and NIR), biotin and other optical and biological probes for small molecules, polymers (peptide, biologics, polysaccharide, PEG and block copolymers), nanoparticles, microspheres, and self-assemblies.
Creative PEG - PEGylation service
We can provide generic or site-specific PEGylation of proteins, antibodies, aptamers, DNAs, small molecules, dendrimers, nanoparticles, and biodegradable polymers. We also can provide post-translational polysaccharide modification of biologics, protein lipidation, bioconjugation and crosslinking chemistry.
Surface functionalization service
We can provide customized surface modification of nanoparticles, microspheres, microchips, thin films and membranes, self-assembled monolayers, quantum dots, metal-organic framework, colloidal gold, silver nanowires, nanostructures, carbon nanotubes, graphenes, hydrogels, liposomes, and micelles with polymer surface coating or reactive functional groups.
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