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Best Practices Found in Good Laboratories


The Best Laboratory Practices

Certain aspects can get lost in the shuffle when performing day-to-day tasks, especially when you work in an environment that juggles various tasks like a laboratory. That is why having a set of practices is so important. Here are a few of the best practices you will find in the best laboratories around the country.
Maintain Proficiency
While every person in the lab has received the proper education and training to work in the lab, it is also vital that they maintain their level of proficiency despite it all. Be sure to conduct training at least once a year to ensure everyone is on the same page.
Method Validation
Methods change frequently over the years but it is important to validate each and every one to ensure that all who use the method have the same predictable result.
Run Duplicate Testing
Running duplicate, and even triplicate, is to ensure that that the results produce good data,
Document Everything
Organized documents only benefit the laboratory and will give investors, clients, and other organizations confidence in your ability. Remember to keep all original data.

Pegs and Polymers

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