Catalog No. : PSB-321
Product Name : Aldehyde-PEG-Aldehyde, MW 5k
Description :

ALD-PEG-ALD is a bifunctional PEG propionaldehyde for crosslinking two substrate molecules through a PEG spacer. Aldehyde reacts with amine and N-terminal of peptide and protein to form an imine containing a C=N double bond, which can be further reduced to a more stable C-N bond. PEG aldehyde or ketone derivatives can be used in reversible PEGylation through its reaction with hydrazine or hydrazide forming a hydrolytic acyl hydrazone linkage. PEG butyraldehyde may be offered through custom synthesis.

References: 1. Effect of polyethylene glycol tether size and chemistry on the attachment of lactase to polyethylene films.  Journal of Applied Polymer Science 127.2 (2013): 1203-1210. Text

2. Droplet-Assisted Microfluidic Fabrication and Characterization of Multifunctional Polysaccharide Microgels Formed by Multicomponent Reactions. Polymers 10.10 (2018): 1055. Text

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