Catalog No. : PDP-203
Product Name : mPEG-Dendro Azide , PEG 2k, G4 16 Azide
Description :

mPEG-Dendro Azide consists of a linear PEG conjugated to one perfect dendrimer terminated with azide groups. This series of products feature a bisMPA dendrimer with a definite number of functional end groups (such as azide).  The dendrimer option in this series of products includes G2, G3 and G4 generations having 4, 8,  and 16 end functional groups, respectively. 

PEG 2k, G2: MW is 2,903 g/mol.

PEG 2k, G3: MW is 3,925 g/mol.

PEG 2k, G4: MW is 5,966 g/mol.

PEG 5k, G2: MW is 5,900 g/mol.

PEG 5k, G3: MW is 6,920 g/mol.

PEG 5k, G4: MW is 8,962 g/mol.

Solubility: water, alcohol, THF, DMF, DMSO, chloroform. Products are fully characterized by HNMR CNMR, MALDI and SEC (GPC). Full analytical data and ChemDraw structure of each generation are available upon request.


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