Catalog No. : PJK-1791
Product Name : Acetal-NHS (SDMB), C14H15NO6
Description :

Acetal-NHS is a short linker without PEG providing both acetal and NHS functional groups. SDMB is the short name for this short linker acetal-NHS. SDMB stands for Succininimidyl 4-(DimethoxyMethyl)Benzoate, CAS No. 120465-57-8.

First, amino /amine groups react with the NHS ester group of Acetal-NHS, yielding a stable amide bond. next, the acetal function is hydrolyzed into an aldehyde group by use of aqueous acid such as citric acid. Next, the aldehyde group reacts with another amino group of proteins or other molecules, yielding a semi-permanent C=N bond, which can be instantaneously converted into a stable CH−NH bond by NaCNBH3.


1. Linking of Sensor Molecules with Amino Groups to Amino-Functionalized AFM Tips, Bioconjugate Chem., 2011, 22 (6), pp 1239–1248, Text.

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