Catalog No. : PJK-1703
Product Name : Acetal-PEG-NHS, MW 3.4k
Description :

Aldehyde-PEG-Acid and its protected version Acetal-PEG-Acid, and more commonly used Acetal-PEG-NHS are used to crosslink two amine-containing materials such as crosslinking protein to AFM tips having amine groups, crosslinking two proteins and antibodies, crosslinking amine-containing nanoparticles to enzymes. To crosslink a protein to an aminated surface, Acetal-PEG-NHS is reacted first with the surface, followed by acidic removal of acetal and regeneration of aldehyde, which is then reacted with the amine groups of proteins.


1. Linking of Sensor Molecules with Amino Groups to Amino-Functionalized AFM Tips, Bioconjugate Chem., 2011, 22 (6), pp 1239–1248, Text.

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