Catalog No. : PSB-8112
Product Name : 8-Arm PEG-Hydrazide, MW 20k
Description :

8-Arm PEG-Hydrazide is a multiarm PEG derivative with hydrazide (CONHNH2) groups at each terminal of the eight arms connected to one hexaglycerol core. 8arm-PEG-hydrazide can react with ketone or aldehyde to form acyl hydrazone linkers, which are pH sensitive and can be used for reversible PEGylation. Hydrazine PEG is also used to PEGylate carboxyl, carboxylic acid groups.

References: 1. Chairperson, Victoria DeRose. Measurement of Membrane Rigidity and Its Modulation by the Vesicle Trafficking Protein Sar1. Diss. University of Oregon, 2014. Text.

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