4-Arm PEG

Catalog No.Product name & molecular weight
4-Arm PEG-OH (Multi-arm - four arm - polyethylene glycol)
PJK-401 4-Arm PEG-OH, MW 10k
PJK-402 4-Arm PEG-OH, MW 20k
PJK-405 4-Arm PEG-OH, MW 5k
PJK-406 4-Arm PEG-OH, MW 2k
4-Arm PEG-Acrylate (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Acrylate)
PSB-420 4-Arm PEG-Acrylate, MW 2k
PSB-421 4-Arm PEG-Acrylate, MW 10k
PSB-423 4-Arm PEG-Acrylate, MW 5k
PSB-425 4-Arm PEG-Acrylate, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Acrylamide (Multi-arm - four arm - Polymerizable PEG)
PSB-410 4-Arm PEG-Acrylamide, MW 2k
PSB-411 4-Arm PEG-Acrylamide, MW 5k
PSB-412 4-Arm PEG-Acrylamide, MW 10k
PSB-415 4-Arm PEG-Acrylamide, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Amine (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Amine NH2)
PSB-430 4-Arm PEG-Amine, MW 2k
PSB-431 4-Arm PEG-Amine, MW 10k
PSB-432 4-Arm PEG-Amine, MW 5k
PSB-435 4-Arm PEG-Amine, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Thiol (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG SH sulfhydryl mecapto)
PSB-440 4-Arm PEG-Thiol, MW 2k
PSB-441 4-Arm PEG-Thiol, MW 10k
PSB-442 4-Arm PEG-Thiol, MW 5k
PSB-445 4-Arm PEG-Thiol, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-MAL (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Maleimide)
PSB-450 4-Arm PEG-MAL, MW 2k
PSB-451 4-Arm PEG-MAL, MW 10k
PSB-453 4-Arm PEG-MAL, MW 5k
PSB-455 4-Arm PEG-MAL, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-OPSS (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Orthopyridyl Disulfide)
PSB-456 4-Arm PEG-OPSS, MW 2k
PSB-457 4-Arm PEG-OPSS, MW 5k
PSB-458 4-Arm PEG-OPSS, MW 10k
PSB-459 4-Arm PEG-OPSS, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-VS (Four arm PEG-Vinylsulfone)
PSB-4321 4-Arm PEG-VS, MW 2k
PSB-4322 4-Arm PEG-VS, MW 5k
PSB-4323 4-Arm PEG-VS, MW 10k
PSB-4334 4-Arm PEG-VS, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-SCM (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Succinimidyl NHS ester)
PSB-485 4-Arm PEG-SCM, MW 2k
PSB-486 4-Arm PEG-SCM, MW 10k
PSB-487 4-Arm PEG-SCM, MW 20k
PSB-488 4-Arm PEG-SCM, MW 5k
4-Arm PEG-SC (Multi Armed PEG Succinimidyl Carbonate NHS Ester)
PSB-4411 4-Arm PEG-SC, MW 2k
PSB-4412 4-Arm PEG-SC, MW 5k
PSB-4413 4-Arm PEG-SC, MW 10k
PSB-4414 4-Arm PEG-SC, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-SG (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Succinimidyl Glutarate)
PSB-460 4-Arm PEG-SG, MW 2k
PSB-461 4-Arm PEG-SG, MW 10k
PSB-463 4-Arm PEG-SG, MW 5k
PSB-465 4-Arm PEG-SG, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-SS (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Succinimidyl Succinate)
PSB-4010 4-Arm PEG-SS, MW 2k
PSB-4011 4-Arm PEG-SS, MW 5k
PSB-4012 4-Arm PEG-SS, MW 10k
PSB-4015 4-Arm PEG-SS, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-GAS (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Succinimidyl NHS ester)
PSB-4020 4-Arm PEG-GAS, MW 2k
PSB-4021 4-Arm PEG-GAS, MW 5k
PSB-4022 4-Arm PEG-GAS, MW 10k
PSB-4025 4-Arm PEG-GAS, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-SAS (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Succinimidyl NHS ester)
PSB-4030 4-Arm PEG-SAS, MW 2k
PSB-4031 4-Arm PEG-SAS, MW 5k
PSB-4032 4-Arm PEG-SAS, MW 10k
PSB-4035 4-Arm PEG-SAS, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Epoxide (Multi-arm - four arm - Polyethylene Glycol Epoxide)
PSB-470 4-Arm PEG-Epoxide, MW 2k
PSB-471 4-Arm PEG-Epoxide, MW 10k
PSB-473 4-Arm PEG-Epoxide, MW 5k
PSB-475 4-Arm PEG-Epoxide, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-NPC (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Nitrophenyl Carbonate)
PSB-496 4-Arm PEG-NPC, MW 2k
PSB-497 4-Arm PEG-NPC, MW 10k
PSB-498 4-Arm PEG-NPC, MW 20k
PSB-4995 4-Arm PEG-NPC, MW 5k
4-Arm PEG-Acid (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Carboxylic Acid COOH)
PSB-480 4-Arm PEG-Acid, MW 2k
PSB-481 4-Arm PEG-Acid, MW 10k
PSB-482 4-Arm PEG-Acid, MW 20k
PSB-483 4-Arm PEG-Acid, MW 5k
4-Arm PEG-GA (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Glutaric Acid)
PSB-466 4-Arm PEG-GA, MW 2k
PSB-467 4-Arm PEG-GA, MW 10k
PSB-468 4-Arm PEG-GA, MW 20k
PSB-469 4-Arm PEG-GA, MW 5k
4-Arm PEG-SA (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Succinic Acid)
PSB-4040 4-Arm PEG-SA, MW 2k
PSB-4041 4-Arm PEG-SA, MW 5k
PSB-4042 4-Arm PEG-SA, MW 10k
PSB-4045 4-Arm PEG-SA, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-GAA (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Glutaramide Acid)
PSB-4050 4-Arm PEG-GAA, MW 2k
PSB-4051 4-Arm PEG-GAA, MW 5k
PSB-4052 4-Arm PEG-GAA, MW 10k
PSB-4055 4-Arm PEG-GAA, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-SAA (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Succinamide Acid)
PSB-4060 4-Arm PEG-SAA, MW 2k
PSB-4061 4-Arm PEG-SAA, MW 5k
PSB-4062 4-Arm PEG-SAA, MW 10k
PSB-4065 4-Arm PEG-SAA, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Hydrazide (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Hydrazide)
PSB-4066 4-Arm PEG-Hydrazide, MW 2k
PSB-4067 4-Arm PEG-Hydrazide, MW 5k
PSB-4068 4-Arm PEG-Hydrazide, MW 10k
PSB-4069 4-Arm PEG-Hydrazide, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Azide (Four arm PEG for azido alkyne click chemistry)
PSB-4905 4-Arm PEG-Azide, MW 5k
PSB-491 4-Arm PEG-Azide, MW 2k
PSB-492 4-Arm PEG-Azide, MW 10k
PSB-493 4-Arm PEG-Azide, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Alkyne (Multi-arm PEG for azide alkyne click reaction)
PSB-4915 4-Arm PEG-Alkyne, MW 5k
PSB-494 4-Arm PEG-Alkyne, MW 2k
PSB-495 4-Arm PEG-Alkyne, MW 10k
PSB-499 4-Arm PEG-Alkyne, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Biotin (Multi-arm - four arm - Polyethylene Glycol Biotin)
PSB-4201 4-Arm PEG-Biotin, MW 2k
PSB-4202 4-Arm PEG-Biotin, MW 5k
PSB-4203 4-Arm PEG-Biotin, MW 10k
PSB-4204 4-Arm PEG-Biotin, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Chloride (Multi-arm - four arm - PEG Chloride)
PSB-4211 4-Arm PEG-Chloride, MW 2k
PSB-4212 4-Arm PEG-Chloride, MW 5k
PSB-4213 4-Arm PEG-Chloride, MW 10k
PSB-4214 4-Arm PEG-Chloride, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Tosylate (Multi-arm - four arm - Tosyl PEG)
PSB-4221 4-Arm PEG-Tosylate, MW 2k
PSB-4222 4-Arm PEG-Tosylate, MW 5k
PSB-4223 4-Arm PEG-Tosylate, MW 10k
PSB-4224 4-Arm PEG-Tosylate, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Norbornene
PSB-4110 4-Arm PEG-Norbornene, MW 5k
PSB-4111 4-Arm PEG-Norbornene, MW 10k
PSB-4112 4-Arm PEG-Norbornene, MW 20k
PSB-4113 4-Arm PEG-Norbornene, MW 2k
4-Arm PEG-DBCO (DBCO Azide Click PEG)
PSB-4071 4-Arm PEG-DBCO, MW 5k
PSB-4072 4-Arm PEG-DBCO, MW 20k
PSB-4073 4-Arm PEG-DBCO, MW 10k
PSB-4082 4-Arm PEG-DSPE, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Methacrylate
PSB-4091 4-Arm PEG-Methacrylate, MW 2k
PSB-4092 4-Arm PEG-Methacrylate, MW 5k
PSB-4093 4-Arm PEG-Methacrylate, MW 10k
PSB-4094 4-Arm PEG-Methacrylate, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-X/Y (Bifunctional 4-Arm PEG with X and Y functional groups)
Custom Synthesis 4-Arm PEG-X/Y , MW 2k, 5k, 10k and 20k
4-Arm PEG-Aldehyde (4-Arm PEG-Propionaldehyde)
PSB-4301 4-Arm PEG-Aldehyde, MW 2k
PSB-4302 4-Arm PEG-Aldehyde, MW 5k
PSB-4303 4-Arm PEG-Aldehyde, MW 10k
PSB-4304 4-Arm PEG-Aldehyde, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Azide/NHS
CPW-4401 4-Arm PEG-Azide/NHS, Azide(1)/NHS(3), MW 2k
4-Arm PEG-Alkyne/NHS
CPW-4411 4-Arm PEG-Alkyne/NHS, Alkyne(3)/NHS(1), MW 10k
Test-Y0316-1 (TEST)
test-Y0316-1 Test-Y0316-1, 200
Test-Y0316-2 (TEST)
test-Y0316-2 Test-Y0316-2, 200
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