Sulfonate (tosyl, mesyl, tresyl) PEG

Catalog No.Product name & molecular weight
mPEG-Mesylate (PEG functionalized with Mesyl or Methanesulfonate)
PJK-2180 mPEG-Mesylate, MW 40k
PJK-2181 mPEG-Mesylate, MW 30k
PJK-2182 mPEG-Mesylate, MW 20k
PJK-2183 mPEG-Mesylate, MW 10k
PJK-2184 mPEG-Mesylate, MW 5k
PJK-2185 mPEG-Mesylate, MW 2k
PJK-2186 mPEG-Mesylate, MW 1k
PJK-2187 mPEG-Mesylate, MW 550
mPEG-Tosylate (PEG functionalized with Tosyl or Toluenesulfonate)
PSB-2210 mPEG-Tosylate, MW 550
PSB-2211 mPEG-Tosylate, MW 1k
PSB-2212 mPEG-Tosylate, MW 2k
PSB-2213 mPEG-Tosylate, MW 5k
PSB-2214 mPEG-Tosylate, MW 10k
PSB-2215 mPEG-Tosylate, MW 20k
PSB-2216 mPEG-Tosylate, MW 30k
PSB-2217 mPEG-Tosylate, MW 40k
mPEG-Tresyl (2,2,2-Trifluoroethanesulfonyl chloride activated PEG)
MTO mPEG-Tresyl, 1k-30k Da
PLS-2141 mPEG-Tresyl, MW 5k
Tosylate-PEG-Tosylate (Bifunctional PEG Tosyl)
PSB-3411 Tosylate-PEG-Tosylate, MW 600
PSB-3412 Tosylate-PEG-Tosylate, MW 1k
PSB-3413 Tosylate-PEG-Tosylate, MW 2k
PSB-3414 Tosylate-PEG-Tosylate, MW 3.4k
PSB-3415 Tosylate-PEG-Tosylate, MW 5k
PSB-3416 Tosylate-PEG-Tosylate, MW 10k
PSB-3417 Tosylate-PEG-Tosylate, MW 20k
4-Arm PEG-Tosylate (Multi-arm - four arm - Tosyl PEG)
PSB-4221 4-Arm PEG-Tosylate, MW 2k
PSB-4222 4-Arm PEG-Tosylate, MW 5k
PSB-4223 4-Arm PEG-Tosylate, MW 10k
PSB-4224 4-Arm PEG-Tosylate, MW 20k
8-Arm PEG-Tosylate (Multi-arm - eight arm - Tosyl PEG)
PSB-897 8-Arm PEG-Tosylate, MW 10k
PSB-898 8-Arm PEG-Tosylate, MW 20k
PSB-899 8-Arm PEG-Tosylate, MW 40k
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