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PEG-NTA for His-tag (polyhistidine) PEGylation

PEG-NTA for His-tag (polyhistidine) PEGylation

Catalog No: MTO-NTA
Product Name: PEG-NTA for His-tag (polyhistidine) PEGylation
In Stock: Yes
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Custom synthesis for His-tag (polyhistidine) PEGylation reagent is available for PEG-NTA. It includes mPEG-NTA, NTA-PEG-NTA, 4/8-Arm PEG-NTA at various MW. Nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA)-PEG conjugate in the form of a metal complex with Co colbat, Ni Nickel form a chelating complex with polyhistidine tag. A polyhistidine-tag consists of at least six histidine (His) residues, often at the N- or C-terminus of the protein. His-tag synonyms: hexa histidine-tag, 6xHis-tag, His6 tag. His-tag is a registered Trademark of EMD Biosciences. His-tag is common to tag recombinant proteins for easy purification. mPEG-NTA can effectively PEGylate polyhistidine tagged proteins. Contact us.

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