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PEG-Boronic Acid

PEG-Boronic Acid

Catalog No: MTO-PBA
Product Name: PEG-Boronic Acid
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Custom synthesis of PEG-Boronic Acid is available. The boronic acid uses phenyl boronic acid (PBA) including mPEG-PBA, PBA-PEG-PBA, 4-arm and 8-arm PEG-PBA. PEG modified with boronic acid permits site specific PEGylation of glycoproteins or glycans. Boronic acid reversibly react with cis-diol on the glycan of glycoprotein, and the covalent affinity binding is reversible with the change of pH. Glycoproteins influence a broad spectrum of biological processes including cell-cell interaction, host-pathogen interaction, or protection of proteins against proteolytic degradation. The reversible covalent interaction of boronic acid with cis-1,2- or 1,3-diols to form five- or six-membered cyclic esters, respectively, has proven sufficiently strong, enabling binding of saccharides at mM or sub-mM levels. The generally observed binding affinity of phenylboronic acid (PBA) with monosaccharides follows the order of fructose > galactose > mannose > glucose. Contact us.

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