C18-PEGn-Hydrazide is a monodispersed oligoethylene glycol (polyethylene glycol oligomer) octadecyl ether. The amphiphilic surfactant PEG has applications in forming micelles, drug delivery systems to enhance drug solubility and improve drug formulation and bioavailability. The C18 hydrocarbon is attached to the short polyethylene glycol (PEG) through an ether bond. PEG terminal has a hydrazide functional group. Hydrazide is reactive with carboxylic acid or carbonyl compounds including ketone and aldehyde.


Molecular Weight: The MW of PEG portion is 44 (the molecular mass of one repeating PEG unit) multiplied by the number of PEG repeating units, such as 4 in PEG4, 6 in PEG 6 or 12 in PEG12.

Solubility: Soluble in chloroform, methylene chloride, DMF, DMSO, and less soluble in alcohol, toluene, ether.

Storage condition: PEG product shall be stored in the original form as received in a freezer at -20C or lower for long term storage. Stock solution of PEG reagents that do not contain oxygen or moisture sensitive functional groups may be temporarily stored in a refrigerator or ambient temperature for multiple days. Stock solution should avoid repeated freeze-and-thaw cycles. See Documents section for detailed storage and handling conditions.

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