Ficoll Fluorescein, MW 70k

Ficoll Fluorescein, MW 70k

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Product Name: Ficoll Fluorescein, MW 70k
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Ficoll Fluorescein, MW 70k - 100mg
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Poly(sucrose-co-epichlorhydrin), CAS #: 72146-89-5, often called Ficoll, is labeled with fluorescein (FITC). Ex/Em wavelength 494/518 nm. Purity: >95% lyophilized powder. Degree of substitution: 1 mol % substitution and at least one dye molecule per polymer. Ficoll® is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare.


Ficoll is a neutral, highly branched, high-mass, hydrophilic polysaccharide which dissolves readily in aqueous solutions. Ficoll radii range from 2-7 nm. It is typically prepared by reaction of the polysaccharide with epichlorohydrin. Ficoll is a registered trademark owned by GE Healthcare companies.


1) Splenic outer periarterial lymphoid sheath (PALS): an immunoproliferative microenvironment constituted by antigen-laden marginal metallophils and ED2-positive macrophages in the rat, Cell and tissue research, 1989, 257(3), 459-70.


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