Chitosan Biotin, 10-50 cP, 85% DDA

Chitosan Biotin, 10-50 cP, 85% DDA

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Product Name: Chitosan Biotin, 10-50 cP, 85% DDA
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Chitosan Biotin, 10-50 cP, 85% DDA - 100mg
Chitosan Biotin, 10-50 cP, 85% DDA - 10mg
Chitosan Biotin, 10-50 cP, 85% DDA - 50mg
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Chitosan is labeled with biotin through an amide bond between the amine of chitosan and the carboxylic acid of biotin. Purity: >95% lyophilized powder. Standard Degree of substitution: 1 mol % substitution and at least one biotin molecule per Chitosan polymer. DDA: degree of deacetylation; cP: centipoise.


Chitosan is produced by deacetylation of chitin, which is the structural element in the exoskeleton of crustaceans (such as crabs and shrimp) and cell walls of fungi. The degree of deacetylation (%DD) can be determined by NMR spectroscopy from 60 to 100%.Chitosan products are characterized by either its MW or its viscosity. The amino group in chitosan has a pKa value of ~6.5.


1) Selective biotinylation of Neisseria meningitidis group B capsular polysaccharide and application in an improved ELISA for the detection of specific antibodies. J Immunol Methods. 1993, 160(1):35-47.

2) Avidin identification with polymer membrane-bound biotin, Kobunshi Ronbunshu, 1982, 39(10):587-92.


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 SDS of Chitosan Biotin

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