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Cellulose Biotin, MW 1300k

Cellulose Biotin, MW 1300k

Catalog No: CE-504
Product Name: Cellulose Biotin, MW 1300k
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Cellulose Biotin, MW 1300k - 100mg
Cellulose Biotin, MW 1300k - 10mg
Cellulose Biotin, MW 1300k - 50mg
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Cellulose is labeled with biotin. Purity: >95% lyophilized powder. Standard Degree of substitution (DoS): 1 mol % substitution and at least one biotin molecule per Cellulose polymer. Cellulose labeled with other types of fluorescent dyes or biomolecular probes may be offered through our custom synthesis.


1) Sulfated glycosaminoglycans and low-density lipoprotein receptor contribute to Clostridium difficile toxin A entry into cells, Nature Microbiology (2019), doi:  10.1038/s41564-019-0464-z

2) Yersinia pseudotuberculosis cytotoxic necrotizing factor interacts with glycosaminoglycans, The FASEB Journal. 2021;35:e21647, Text.

3) Rapid Enrichment of HeLa Transcription Factors IIIB and IIIC by Using Affinity Chromatography Based on Avidin-Biotin Interactions, Molecular and Cellular Biology, 1986, 6(9):3117-3127;

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 SDS of Cellulose Biotin

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