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Product Name: PFPE-PEG, PFPE 5k, PEG 600
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PFPE-PEG is diblock copolymer of PEG and PFPE. PEG (polyethylene glycol) has a methoxy cap (i.e. mPEG). PFPE (perfluoro polyether), Krytox, is a perfluorocarbon polymer and its conjugation to PEG is through stable amide bonds. The unique surfactant is ideal for dispersion between fluorocarbon oil phase and aqueous phase. The fluorocarbon PEG block copolymer is useful in preparing perfluoronated surfactants and oil droplets in droplet microfluidics for single cell analysis, flow cytometry, droplet based assays. The compatibility of this emulsion system with both biological systems and polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microfluidic devices makes these surfactants ideal for a broad range of high-throughput, drop-based applications.

Alternatively, Jeffamine may replace PEG to prepare Jeffamine-PFPE surfactants. Jeffamine ® is a registered trademark of Huntsman for polyetheramine. They are a range of monoamine, diamine and triamine attached to a polyether backbone typically based on ethylene oxide (PEO), propylene oxide (PPO) or a mix of both.


The most common PFPE used in our products is Krytox 157 FS. Krytox 157 FS is a functionalized version of original Krytox fluorinated oils that acts as a surfactant. The functionality is a carboxylic acid group located on the terminal fluoromethylene group of poly(hexafluoropropylene oxide). Krytox 157 is insoluble in most common organic solvents. Perfluorocarbon polymer and its PEG copolymers are soluble in perfluoronated solvents such as nonafluorobutyl methyl ether (CAS 163702-07-6), HFE-7100, hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP),  Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA).

Decarboxylation occurs on heating above 170  °C (338  °F). The product formed appears to be a mixture, but is mainly a hydro-end-capped version of Krytox fluorinated oil. The decarboxylation of its alkali metal salts in the presence of water may occur at lower temperatures. Krytox 157 FS has two series FSH (FS High) and FSL (FS Low) with different MW ranges with FSL around 2500 and FSH around 7000-7500. The FSH thus has much higher viscosity than FSL. Krytox is a registered DuPont trademark.


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