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PEG-b-LPEI, PEG 5k, PEI 10k

PEG-b-LPEI, PEG 5k, PEI 10k

Catalog No: PPE-105
Product Name: PEG-b-LPEI, PEG 5k, PEI 10k
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PEG-b-LPEI, PEG 5k, PEI 10k - 100mg
PEG-b-LPEI, PEG 5k, PEI 10k - 1g
PEG-b-LPEI, PEG 5k, PEI 10k - 500mg
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PEG-b-LPEI is a block copolymer of linear PEI (LPEI) with a linear PEG. The terminal end of PEG is an inert, nonreactive methoxy group.

PEG-b-LPEI, copolymers of cationic poly(ethylene imine) (PEI) and polyethylene glycol (PEG). The copolymer is useful to markedly improve the in vitro and in vivo delivery of oligonucleotides and nucleic acids (DNA, siRNA). By varying the MW of PEI and PEG, PEG-PEI drug conjugates, polyplexes or nanoparticles can have a dynamic range of size, surface charge, and stability. These properties are all important to the transfection efficiency. PEG-b-LPEI copolymers is available with customer specified MW.


1. Synthesis of biocompatible polymeric nanomaterial dually loaded with paclitaxel and nitric oxide for anti-MDR cancer therapy, RSC Adv., 2016, 6, 105871-105877Text.

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