mPEG-Dendro Acid

mPEG-Dendro Acid


PEG 2k, G2: MW is 2,763 g/mol.

PEG 2k, G3: MW is 3,628 g/mol.

PEG 2k, G4: MW is 5,357 g/mol.

PEG 5k, G2: MW is 5,759 g/mol.

PEG 5k, G3: MW is 6,623 g/mol.

PEG 5k, G4: MW is 8,353 g/mol.

Products are fully characterized by HNMR, CNMR and SEC (GPC) or MALDI-MS. Full analytical data and ChemDraw structure of each generation are available upon request.

GPC – Eluent: DMF, Calibration: PMMA

Soluble in Alcohols, THF, DMF, DMSO and Chloroform.

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